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Jump Doll
A game by MIRARI + CO

Have you ever owned a Matryoshka doll ? When she quietly nested on your bookshelf, have you ever wondering what she’ll do if she could move?
Now, take your doll to a surreal journey in a whimsical world, with beautiful graphic and unique character designs.

Tap to jump, avoid the weirdos on the way, lead your doll to meet her loved one at the top of the world! Pick up as many coins as you can to unlock the mysterious characters.

It’s an addictive arcade-adventure, easy to play but hard to master. Enjoy playing!

Mirari+Co is an award-winning motion design studio based in Sydney.

As game lovers, we are always hoping to develop our own games, even to start from small. So here is our first ios game.
Download the game at
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