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A post-apocalyptic cyberpunk-themed Metroidvania platformer is now available on Steam and Epic Games Store. Take on the challenge today!


Dark Light is a 2D action-adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic world where the player takes on the role of the last of the Dark Hunters, tasked with saving what remains of the world by sealing the Dark Void. The game combines elements of Metroidvania, souls-like, and Rogue-lite gameplay to create a challenging and immersive experience.

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The apocalypse was here. Darkness had descended upon the world like a shroud, and the creatures of the night emerged from their dark corners. You were the last of the Dark Hunters, a band of elite human soldiers tasked with the impossible: to seal the Dark Void and save the world from certain doom. You had to equip yourself with the best weapons, battle your way through hordes of ferocious supernatural creatures, and collect their energy shards. Your journey would take you through mysterious and dangerous dark zones, and you would need to kill, gain strength, and become ever more powerful if you were to succeed. The fate of the world now depended on you.


Cinematic-grade graphics with a retro aesthetic, detailed character and environment designs, vibrant animation, and lush visual effects

offer a unique gaming experience. For a nostalgic touch, the game can be switched to classic PIXEL MODE.

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Explore a post-apocalyptic world of dark zones, where you can choose your own path and uncover ancient secrets. Travel through handcrafted maps, battle your way through gruesome castles, and descend into forgotten machine temples. Experience a nightmarish realm of possibilities and uncover the mysterious powers of the Underground city, hidden beneath the Great Swamp.


Experience intense and thrilling combat with a Souls-Like system that demands tactical timing and skill. Execute precise attacks and dodges, parrying for increased damage. Utilize a variety of special attacks, drone skills, and air combos to outwit and outmaneuver opponents.

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Experience a thrilling journey as you battle against powerful supernatural foes, challenging bosses, and uncover a captivating story with side quests and mysterious characters. Join a Faction, earn their loyalty by completing Quests, and gain special abilities to vanquish your rivals or eliminate them all.

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